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Big football game? Hotdog! Birthday party of your 8 year old? Hotdog! Quick bite between two concerts on a summer festival? Hotdog! And if you say hotdogs, you say the Zwan and only.


Together with Zwan we got to work on this summer campaign pairing hotdogs with the iconic Zwan sausage. And let's be honest, how cool is it to do this with such a Zwantastic brand (be warned we've got 500 other ones like these in our sleeves)?

Have a look below (and keep the ketchup and mustard at the ready)!


The Zwan And Only


How do you go about marketing such an iconic sausage? By highlighting what makes it so damn special.

It's not the sauce, nor the bun. We're talking about the absolute core of a hotdog, the Zwanderful sausage.


With The Zwan And Only, the focus returns to what matters most. So when you're feeling snacky, you'll zwant to take a bite from the Zwan and only.

And we weren't finished. We Zwanted to create more, driven by our hunger for more (hotdogs!). We thought about the contexts in which hotdogs are meant to be eaten. Whilst laying on the couch, watching tv? Sure. Got home late from work and feel the need to snack? Of course! Having a party and in dire need of some food other than cake? Yes please. 


Could you please pass us the buns and sauce? We're hungry for more!

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