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How to become the nr1 fruitbiscuit in the BE market? Piece of cake, euh *cookie*. With our experience in building strong brands, we join forces with the Sultana team to set up a trajectory for further growth in the Belgian market. With strengthening the in-store visibility, shelf space and top of mind awareness together with investing in brand equity to ensure future growth, we've got ourselves a recipe for success!

For Sultana we deliver strategic marketing advice, help launching new products, create a key visual ID as well as develop and deliver creative assets in digital, outdoor and instore marketing campaigns.

We defined the distinctive brand story - "Jouw Ideale tussendoortje" (your perfect in between sanck) - and are the trusted partner to ensure the brand story comes alive consistently across all touchpoints, in concept and visual ID.

Scroll down to see some of our delicious work!

HE RGB Sultana Framboos 5x3 front v3_edi

Launching the new Sultana RASPBERRY

Coming to you in 2022!  We're thrilled to see this delicious new Sultana variant coming to our Belgian market.

We're working on a cross-media launch plan as we speak, and will be able to share some first images soon enough on our socials so... stay in touch!


Hard to match the taste of a real Sultana biscuit, but aren't these instagram feed post not a real treat to the eyes? There are literally thousand of ways for you to enjoy a Sultana biscuit and that's exactly what we try to show here.


With an average engagement rate of almost 10% we guess our audience thinks the same. So we're terribly sorry if these posts make you hungry, but that's exactly our point!  


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