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Since 2017 we’re proud to be the creative partner in crime (advertising actually...) of Knorr, helping on new product launches and delivering the marketing campaigns with key visual development, social strategy & assets, TV assets, influencers and activations.

Take a look (and have a snack) at some of our cases below.

Launch of Snackpots in Belgium

Launching a totally new category for Knorr, sounds like music to our ears! Building a 360°/365 case with a 3-year launch plan? Check! Planning & testing future range architecture recommendations? Check! Creating an integrated marketing campaign with all blows and whistles? Yes sir! We're super proud of the high road Knorr Snacking has taken since 2017 and happy to still contribute in a more mature category development phase.


Eat your veggies!

How to make consumers try more diverse and sustainable ingredients in their home  cooking and do this in an impactful and visible way? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! In comes the Knorr Bulk Shop Billboard concept.


We  set up a temporary (free) bulk shop in Belgium's largest train  station, where people could take home their own portions of millet and  lentils.


300 000 people passed by and many thousands of them went home with new recipe inspiration. Ka-ching!

Video killed the radio star

In  the most recent phase of the growth of Knorr snacking, a new campaign  to reach a wider audience was needed. We’re very proud to have developed  a new differentiating cross campaign insight and a from-scratch TV  billboard ad concept. We delivered TV and online commercials in different scenarios, together with our top production partners at Watertower.

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