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Is there a cookie more likeable than BN? We certainly don't think so. Leveraging on the strong childhood memories of BN biscuits we worked with the team on a strategy to find a unique role for BN in the biscuit category in Belgium. Creating campaigns with a smile, that children and their parents will love is our purpose. 

We deliver strategic advice, help launching new products, deliver on digital, in-store and outdoor marketing campaigns with key visual development and social assets. In other words the whole nine yards!

We're the trusted partner that ensures the same brand story and visual ID across every touchpoint for our beloved consumers - from 'the gram' to point of sales.

Scroll down (and don't forget to smile).

Social_back-to-school kopie.png


Back to school? Going skiing? Or anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Sinterklaas"? Whatever puts a smile on your face! With these well-planned Instagram Story advertisements we hit that sweet spot of advertising at the right moment, with a creative story, staying true to the brand's distinctive positioning and assets - the smiling cookie. 



By adding just a 'few pen strokes', we can add an extra layer of meaning to our campaigns, while staying true to the iconic and highly recognizable BN cookie and brand.  Whether we add a hat, backpack or some skies, the hero of our brand story remains the BN cookie. Oh boy, we love distinctive assets!

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