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We've got the strats

At Spice Agency, we believe that a great marketing strategy is like a well-seasoned dish—it requires the perfect blend of ingredients to achieve the desired flavour.

We help you to build strong marketing plans, based on research and inspired by creativity. Through joint workshops and strategic sessions, we build clear strategic principles and creative concepts that translate in a full year touchpoint plan to maximise the impact of your brand, and of your budget.

Based on facts and figures, we can help you set clear marketing objectives that connect target group(s), behaviour and business results. Our guiding principle for a subsequent strategy is our PLEASE©-model, covering all aspects of key components of a strategic marketing plan: Product (renovation/innovation), building brand Love and brand Education, Awareness, Sales (distribution/promotion) and Execution.


This framework connects clear business objectives with all necessary aspects of a marketing strategy to combine mental and physical availability of your brand amongst its target consumers. This gives us all the tools to go from business objectives to marketing strategy and touchpoint plan.

So whether you’re looking for a campaign channel plan, a full year marketing plan or a 3 year roadmap, we’ ll always choose the right ingredients and serve you a perfect strategy.

Knorr Snacking

We’ve partnered with Unilever to develop an entire new category for Knorr, instant meals. From business case to target consumers, innovation roadmap and multiple year marketing plan, we’ve helped along the road in the first 4 years to grow Knorr Snackpots to a multi million business with > 25% market share.

BENT shoe retailer

We’ve partnered with BENT since 2023, redefining their brand identity and positioning and developing clear marketing objectives, touchpoint plans and strategic advice.

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Since 2019, we’re a trusted partner for the Pladis Belgium team (biscuit brands like Sultana, BN, McVitie’s), working closely together on the entire marketing strategy, innovation roadmap, touchpoint plan and communication execution.

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