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“Social media” is a bit like a desserts menu. There’s plenty of options, you would prefer them all but secretely know that choosing wisely is the key. We are there to help you choose. Choose the creative route to take for your campaign, the channel approach to follow and finding the balance between paid, owned and earned media to maximise impact.

Content creators

It’s easy to control what you say as a brand in your own ads – it’s powerful to hand over control to content creators to speak up for you.

With the first hypes of “influencer marketing” behind us, we believe that content creators have an important place in a campaign, as long as we equally challenge their messaging as if we would do with our own.

Too many ‘influencer campaigns’ in the past years were just mediocre product placements at best. We believe in every touchpoint, especially in content partnerships, that quality should prevail: the right match between creator and brand, a clear role for the brand/product in the content and an engaging story or experience that people will remember.

Social advertising

Social ads can have different roles in your marketing strategy. We’ll help you find the right balance between awareness, education and conversion , build the spot on strategy and create meaningful, memorable assets that add the right flavour to your brand.

We can create all graphic, motion, 3D and video assets in house, and if needed take on the media placement and management for you as well.

A world of smiling biscuits

We took on the challenge to rebuild top of mind awareness for one the most iconic biscuits brands of Belgium: the BN smiles! 

As the smiling biscuits are a distinctive brand asset of their own, we bring the BN world alive in a playful, motion graphic digital campaign on key moments throughout the year.

Student content creators

Six summers in a row, we challenged the 100 largest student associations in Belgium to create their own memorable content with Knorr Snackpots. We generated 100s of messages on their social platforms, millions of views with (mostly ;-) ) creative content, spot on target audience. And the best of all: all of their 10 000s members got free snackpots to try!


Together with Patrón, we celebrated the most recent edition of Día de Muertos! We mapped the very best spots to enjoy the ancient colourful festival in Amsterdam in motions used by key influencers, and designed tailor-made party invites for the most high-end bars and cocktail influencers in the city.

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