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product launches

Ready for takeoff

Over the years, we’ve built a vast experience with dozens product launches in the FMCG sector. We’ve guided brands both on a fundamental strategic level of building a category, to creating 360° launch plans and advertising assets.

The foundations of every launch plan come from a simple thinking: be seen, be loved, be tried, be found, be bought. 

In our plans, we mix clear strategic objectives, creative campaign ideas and excellent execution to ensure strong product launches that build long term value. In our integrated way of working, we are your trusted partner from start to finish, from strategy to execution.

Are you expanding in a new category or launching a new product or brand on the Benelux market?

The invite our chefs in your marketing kitchen and we’ll make some mouthwatering launch plans together!

Flipz key visual


Introducing: the wonderful world of chocolate-covered pretzels!


We partnered up for a strategic launch plan of this new brand in belgium, building on the key fundamentals of product trial, distribution power and brand love. From national outdoor campaigns and POS activations to sampling and… who knows what follows with digital ads and content creators later this year ;-)


Go and try it yourself, it's absolutely fabulouzzz!

Knorr Snacking

We’ve partnered with Unilever to develop an entire new category for Knorr, instant meals. From business case to target consumers, innovation roadmap and multiple year marketing plan, we’ve helped along the road in the first 4 years to grow Knorr Snackpots to a multi million business with > 25% market share.  We’ve been the one trusted partner for TV and digital ads, content creator partnerships, sampling and brand experiences along the road to growth.


From growing the core fruit biscuits with Sultana raspberry to extending in new categories with Sultana muesli bars, we’ve been a long time strategic partner for the brand in making the right choices and creating effective communication assets, leading to sustainable year-on-year growth since 2019.

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