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Goodbye Noah (for now)

This week we're saying goodbye to our (favorite) intern Noah. For his grand exit we let him write a few kind words about his internship and experience. Take it away Noah!

Hi, I'm Noah

I'm a marketing student at UCLL Leuven. To conclude my studies, I was looking for a creative marketing agency to put my knowledge into practice during a 'project'/ internship. When browsing through the database, Spice Agency stood out because of its name alone. Without hesitation I sent an email to Righard to request a virtual coffee. When the digital thirst was quenched but I still wanted to get further information, we met at Madmum for an IRL appointment. After that, both parties said "Yes" and got married happily ever after (for 4 months).

Man, it was just like coming home.

As an inexperienced marketer, I set foot in Spice Agency.

Immediately I was embraced by the atmosphere and sociability of the office. First it was getting to know the team and then immersing myself in Spice itself; becoming familiar with its values and norms and then giving it my all. When working on something I could always rely on regular feedback from Righard to give the right direction and to iron out the kinks. What was to come was a period of 3-4 months filled with ideation, creation and analysis.

In terms of characteristics, Spice is a dream. Located in a truly prime location in the heart of Leuven with sandwich shops and cafés a stone's throw away. Every working week there was a fixed schedule of 3 times office, 2 times home with a daily state of affairs meeting. This is a great combo and on top of that, the whole team can be reached at all times on the virtual communication platform Slack. Discovering Leuven on a weekly basis was also a pleasant surprise. Umamido, BAVET, Croque n'roll, all cosy get-togethers, all finger licking good. Especially now with the introduction of the dartboard in the office, you have the feeling that you have known Spice for years.

As final part of my message, I would like to thank everyone in the team as I am incredibly grateful for this instructive period. I can happily conclude my internship with a full stomach and satisfaction at Spice.

They will however (unfortunately) see my face again in the summer, because I will return as a summer intern and who knows what more?

See you soon 😉

Noah Maassen

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