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Where the story begins

An engaging brand is where the story of a loyal consumer begins. We often try to maximise our communication touchpoints, but forget the enormous amount of touchpoints created by our brand(ing) itself. Every time a consumer uses your product, sees it in a store, passes by your retail outlet, sees someone sip your drink on a sunny terrace… connects with your brand: your brand flavours must always be on point.

Engaging brands

In a world where the power to connect brands with consumers shifts totally to the people, your brand must be interesting, attractive and deliver an authentic flavour people want to taste.

We’ll help you build an engaging brand: a mouthwatering story that surprises people, invites them to discover more and builds distinctive brand assets over time.

At Spice, we work with a clear 5 step plan for brand design:

  • Discovery Workshop(s)

  • Brand Personification

  • Brand Visualisation

  • Creative Concepts

  • Distinctive Execution

Structural approach

This structural approach takes us from market and consumer research and brand history, all the way to a new engaging brand story with clear executional guidelines.

We begin by understanding your brand's essence, much like identifying the key flavours in a dish. Our team then blends visual elements, messaging, and storytelling to create a brand identity that is not only memorable but also appetising. From logo design to brand guidelines, we ensure every aspect of your brand is seasoned to perfection.

Hungry for more?

Depending on the needs at hand, we can follow our framework in a compact version or work on every step in depth.

Get in touch if  you want to learn more about our approach, and/or if you feel your brand might be in need of some extra mouthwatering layers.

Toon wie je BENT campagnebeeld

BENT shoe retailer

We’ve partnered with BENT since 2023, redefining their brand identity and positioning and developing clear marketing objectives, touchpoint plans and strategic advice.


As a first major step, we redefined the story of the brand, and worked on a more vibrant punchy visual ID (typography, colour palette).

Looza parasol, strandstoel, onderzetters en emmer


A true Belgian heritage brand serving fruit juices in three-quarters of all ontrade / horeca outlets, was looking for a more recognisable stamp on the market. As the motto “be seen is be ordered” is key in horeca, we guided the Looza team to picking 1 distinctive colour, linked to the top product: orange juice. 


The aim was simple: “if Coca-Cola is red, and Lipton is yellow, we should turn terraces Looza orange”. The new visual ID was consistently executed across all types of consumer touchpoints.

Bio-Ron verpakkingen


For a young and growing brand of biological animal food, supplements and seeds, we recently did an exercise to structure their pack design to maximise consistency and coherence across their entire range of products.

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