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brand experiences

Magical moments

A powerful brand experience is the Michelin star restaurant of your marketing plans: that magical moment breaking a 365 day routine, that magical moment people talk about with sparkles in their eyes.

It’s your unique chance to add a flavour to your brand that people talk about. An engaging experience that surprises them, makes them happy or proud. A moment they’ll never forget, share with friends. A moment for you to own the conversation.


We believe brand experiences are unmissable in a marketing plan. They are not the cherry on the cake, they are the entire cake at your birthday party.

In times where people get 10 000 messages a day, where 3rd party data is under fire and ad blockers are on the rise, it’s more important than ever to EARN the attention. Engaging brand experiences will make your brand unmissable - in many ways.

Shine on you crazy diamond

Brand experiences are the diamonds of your campaign. They shine, they sparkle, they create desire. But they also come in many facets. It’s not just your daily festival activation or sampling booth.

It’s the playground for our crazy creatives to come up with the ideas you’ve always wanted, but never thought of. From 6-course beer pairing dinners in an Abbey to water balloon fights, from graffiti brand-art to brand designed skateparks, from VR design experiences to challenging an entire town to lower their cholesterol: every brand can have their own shining diamond.

So get it touch, and we’ll create magical moments together.

Star quality food pairing dinner with Flemish beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem

Affligem Brand World Discovery

For the global craft beer team of Alken-Maes/Heineken, we developed a premium brand experience package to discover all aspects of the Affligem brand story. 


From brewery tours, tasting sessions and star quality food pairing dinners with Flemish beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem, we managed all tours in Belgium for both internal Heineken teams from all around the globe as well as influencers/PR group visits to spread the wonderful story of Affligem.

Knorr VR experience

Knorr Snackpots has a key touchpoint at festivals, but our product is often bought up front, and consumed on the camping. We toured in pre-festival season in major student cities with a VR experience: students entered a virtual festival camping, could design their own festival tent and the best ones were produced and delivered. We partnered with influencers to amplify earned media reach.

Knorr Snackpots VR experience in major studient cities
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