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Engaging stories

In the world of advertising, capturing attention is akin to presenting a show-stopping entrée. Our advertising campaigns are designed to tantalise the senses and leave a lasting impression.

We enjoy creating engaging stories: memorable advertising concepts that stand out and earn the attention.

Magic in the mixing

We start by understanding your audience's tastes and preferences. Then, we bring creative magic and strategic logic together to add create a unique flavour for your campaign. A great chef is like a DJ: we create the perfect mix of right place, right time, right audience, right message.

Whether it's through digital channels, print, or outdoor media, our advertising strategies are crafted to maximise your brand’s visibility and impact.

That’s how we create memorable campaigns for flavourful brands.

160 years of Italian taste

Together with Martini, we wanted to celebrate their 160th anniversary of Italian taste with a campaign to honour their legacy in both style and quality, whilst building the growing range of ready to serve drinks. We captured true classic Italian beauty with mouthwatering shots of Martini Bellini and Limoni for several ads. Concept and creation of the TV and digital ads, (D)OOH and print was all done locally and the campaign ran in both Belgium and The Netherlands.

Special delivery

That one drizzly evening you are REALLY desperate for your favourite food, but you're definitely not getting out of your sofa... we all know it! With our new Deliveroo campaign, the chef's quality is just one press of a finger away. With a national campaign throughout the entire 2023, we continued to build the strong position of Deliveroo in the challenging landscape of meal delivery providers. Making their debut on Belgian televisions, Deliveroo has built consideration with a wider audience.

Something's cooking ...

To build even more taste appeal and drive usage in specific key dishes, Solo launched in 2023 a delicious new product in Belgium: Solo Gourmet! To make this a really mouthwatering campaign, we partnered with Studio Wauters to ensure you can't wait any longer to make another oven full of Madeleine cakes or show your skills with a golden sparkling Hollandaise sauce. The launch campaign was supported with a TV tagon, social videos and POS materials to bring the appetite close to the shopfloor.

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